1. Erin Andrew reveals she has recently battled cancer

The sports reporter and Dancing with the Stars host says she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last September, and underwent surgery October. Her surgery was successful and she is now cancer free.

She had said she didn’t plan to miss any football games this year because it was Fox’s super bowl year and she planned on covering it.

Daily Mail

2. Paris Jackson believes her father Michael Jackson was murdered

Paris Jackson talked to Rolling Stone for their Febuary version about her belief that her father was actually murdered.

Jackson spoke of how Michael would say that people were out to get him, and apparently feared that people were after his money.

She also warned Justin Bieber, whose shows are put on by the AEG Live, the same people that put on Michael’s show he was rehearsing up until dying.


3. Why French Women are able to stay skinny without even trying

It turns out according to a Daily Mail article, there’s 5 things French Women are doing right that help them stay so skinny

No Snacking: They eat in meals, not mindless snacking
Embracing Red Meat
Eat Socially
Avoid Fast Food
Eat 5-7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day

Daily Mail

4. A pair of rare Biracial twins have an adorable picture going around the internet

Now nine months old, one twin takes after her mother who is white, and one takes after their father who is black.

5. A delivery truck spilled thousands of red skittles in Wisconsin last week, but it turns out they were meant to be fed to cows

Apparently, bakeries and sweet companies sell their rejects as animal feed, because they are a source of cheap carbs that can be fed the animals.


6. A man was arrested for trying to kill his wife, after waking up from a dream where she cheated on him

Apparently Conrad Rudalavage attempted to kill his wife upon waking up from a bad dream in which his wife cheated on him. Rudalavage had reportedly been drinking before going to sleep that night.

Their daughter apparently came home with a friend while Rudalavage was mid attacking his wife. Rudalavage also choked his daughter while attempting to persuade her out of calling 911.

7. There’s a recall of Sierra Nevada Beer in 35 states for Dangerous Broken Glass

Sierra Nevada is voluntarily recalling their beer due to the potential risk of injury because shards of glass could break off into the beer, posing a threat to the drinker, and they all know that if something like this happens, the personal injury lawyers would get into the case right away.

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