1. Jimmy Buffett wants people to retire in his actual Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett partnered with Minto Communities to create a community for people 55 and older that resembles the lifestyle embraced by Buffett’s songs.

The community will be built along Daytona Beach and will feature a tropical vibe. The first homes are expecting to range from $200,000’s to mid-$300,000’s.

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2. It took Lorraine Bracco 26 years before she actually watched “Goodfellas”

Bracco, good girl-turned-mob wife Karen Hill hadn’t actually watched “Goodfellas in it’s entirety until last year.

Bracco explained to The Guardian:
“Well, I went to the premiere, but I missed the start doing interviews, and then they pulled me out before the end, and then I had another job on a film with Sean Connery in the f—king jungle…And by the time I came home it wasn’t playing. And I never wanted to see it on TV.”

“And finally I see it last summer, outdoors in LA…It’s funny! I mean, laugh out loud. I never realized,”

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3. New research shows why we sleep to process or forget our memories

A paper published in the journal “Science” explains that sleep gives us the chance to reset our synapses, which are memory storing connections.

These synapses are then organized and processed in our sleep, so that our brain can more efficiently store important memories, or shrink information not really needed. This prevents the synapses from becoming overloaded with extra information and memories, and slowing down brain functions.


4. Adriana Lima reveals that she had wanted to become a nun

The Victoria’s Secret Angel apparently brings a bible with her backstage everyday and spoke of her faith saying:
“The church is in me — I always connect,…If you’re connected with the divine and always have pure intentions with everything you’re doing, you’re protected by the angels. I’m very spiritual. I believe in nature, I believe in energy, I believe in spirits.”

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5. Emma Watson brought Gloria Steinem to see a screening of “Beauty and the Beast”

Emma Watson showed the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” movie to Gloria Steinem, along with her mom, to make sure her portrayal of Belle showed her feminist views, not clash with them.

Watson explained: “I couldn’t care less if I won an Oscar or not if the movie didn’t say something that I felt was important for people to hear,”

And it seems Steinman approved of the movie, saying: “It was fascinating that her activism could be so well mirrored by the film…It’s this love of literature that first bonds the Beauty to the Beast, and also what develops the entire story.”

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6. Alec Baldwin is hosting a night of bad parenting horror stories at Carolines Comedy Club on Broadway

Baldwin, who was once known for leaving a fuming voicemail to his daughter, calling her “a rude, thoughtless little pig” explained why he’s hosting the evening saying: “Guess it is better than running away from it.”

The night will feature a variety of comics sharing their most pathetic parenting moments.

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7. Lady Gaga is set to take over Beyonce’s Coachella spot

After advice from her doctors, Beyonce decided not to perform at Coachella this year to keep a less rigorous schedule through her pregnancy.

Last night Coachella announced through their social media accounts that Lady Gaga would be filling that spot.

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