1. Bethenny Frankel’s ex was arrested for stalking her

Frankel’s ex-husband Jason Hoppy was arrested for stalking and harassing after allegedly showing up to their 6 year old daughter’s school and screaming at Frankel “‘I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you’ve been warned.’”

A NYPD Spokesperson confirmed the allegations, and said that “ Hoppy had sent numerous emails and FaceTime calls numbering in the hundreds after a cease and desist letter was sent on November 22, 2016.”

A police source said about the situation: “Bethenny came in [to the precinct] with her lawyer and a few friends. She was making more out of this than it was, that was the overall impression…And it seemed to us that she was filing the report because she wanted to take revenge on him, get back at him for something he did connected to the divorce.


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2. A psychologist gives a possible explanation to Donald Trump’s obsession with gold

Jill Morton, a color psychologist explains that gold often represents luxury and wealth, but also greed and excess.

Morton said displaying gold can give the rich a sense of security, as it is common for the extremely wealthy to display their fortune.

3. 872 refugees are being allowed into the US this week, despite Trump’s ban

The refugees are being given “waivers.” They are allowed in instances where the refugees were ready for travel, and stopping them would create “undue hardship.”

President Trump’s executive order had suspended the admission of refugees for 90 days, and halts refugees from Syria indefinitely.

4. The subjects of the Oscar Nominated documentary “The White Helmets,” won’t be able to attend the awards because of Trump’s ban

The Syrian Civil Defense Team, nicknamed the White Helmets, work to provide aid and save lives of civilians injured or trapped in the aftermath of airstrikes. Airstrikes have become a daily occurrence in Syria, and footage for the documentary has been filmed since 2013.

“The White Helmets” producer had been planning to bring the movie’s cinematographer along with the head of the White Helmets to the Oscars, because of Trump’s immigration ban they will be unable to attend.

5. Oprah Winfrey will begin a new role as “special contributor” for CBS News’ “60 Minutes”

Oprah will be doing occasional reports for CBS’ well-known news program starting this fall.

Winfrey said in a statement: “At a time when people are so divided, my intention is to bring relevant insight and perspective, to look at what separates us, and help facilitate real conversations between people from different backgrounds.”

6. At the order of Trump, The White House says they will not be rolling back LGBTQ protections

The White House said yesterday that President Obama’s executive order prohibiting LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace will remain intact.

7. Johnny Depp spent $30,000 dollars a month on wine, among other things.

Depp’s ex-managers have released a list of of Depp’s past expenses as part of a counter suit filed yesterday.

Depp had filed a lawsuit against the management group saying they had mismanaged his funds. However, the countersuit claims that Depp had been mismanaging his funds himself.

The counter suit included some of his previous expenses, such as: $3 million to blast Hunter Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon, $18 million on an 150-foot yacht, $4 million on a failed record label, $200,000 a month on private planes, $150,000 a month on round-the-clock security, and $300,000 a month to maintain a staff of 40 people.
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