1. Mayor De Blasio of New York hopped into a coach seat while flying to the West Coast yesterday

Mayor De Blasio who is flying to Seattle, Sacramento, and San Francisco to talk to tech industry leaders was seen riding in coach.

While he has received some scrutiny for taking a helicopter around the city at times, he also often flies coach.

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2. The details of Hunter and Kathleen Biden’s divorce will be public

A Washington DC judge ruled yesterday that all the details of their divorce will remain public, saying that two should have known what they were getting themselves into when they voluntarily filed their divorce pleadings publically.

The Bidens had recently requested for their divorce proceedings to be sealed saying that the publicity of the separation has been “damaging and embarrassing” to themselves and their families.

When Kathleen Biden filed for divorce in December she claimed that Hunter had spent their money on hookers, strip clubs, and drugs, however Hunter Biden demanded she provide evidence that he was unfaithful.

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3. John Cena’s proposal to Nikki Bella was with a $115K Ring

Cena proposed to Bella with a diamond that is nearly 5 carats and costs $115 thousand.

Bella’s ring apparently is a classic Tiffany & Co. Ring.

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4. A restaurant dreamed up by Tupac Shakur is coming to New York
Tupac Shakur had apparently imagined a restaurant called the Powamekka Cafe. He had apparently made a blueprint for the restaurant, and also had a logo and recipes ready to go, including Sunkist-infused Chicken Wings.

Sweet Chick, a restaurant in the Lower East Side backed by Nas, will be launching the Powamekka Cafe pop up from April 7th-9th to coincide with Tupac Shakur’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

He had mapped out the details of the restaurant all on the 3 pages of notebook paper, and even included how the bathroom signs should read: “Divaz” and “Playaz”

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5. Anne Hathaway commented on the internet’s hatred of her during a recent interview

Articles that would often “hate” Anne Hathaway, or describe why everyone hated her were often found around the internet in 2013, around the time she played Fantine in “Les Miserables.”

While talking to Jezebel, Hathaway said:
“I think it’s weird that it continues to be talked about a little bit…I understand in the context of why it should be brought up.”

[Because in her new movie ‘Colossal,’ in which she plays an out-of-work blogger],

“But it comes up in every interview I do, just about. I am … not eager, but I am ready for the conversation to move to a place beyond it. I don’t have to contextualize all of my stories, all of my experiences through that time. I’m ready for it to be implied, not overtly stated.”

Hathaway said she did find a positive side from the experience, saying:

“How other people treat me has nothing to do with me….But if anything that anybody said resonated with me as something I’d like to work on for myself, I took it in like that. And to that extent, I feel like I got to shortcut a lot of my growth. To that extent, even though I wouldn’t have chosen to go through it, I still found a way to be grateful to it.”

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6. Equal Pay Day was yesterday, and some retailers even offered 20 percent off because of it

April 4th was Equal Pay Day, the day that marks on average, how long women would have to work into the 2017 to make the same amount of money as men made in 2016.

Although, for black women that day would actually be July 31st and for hispanic women the day falls at November 2nd.

Many local retailers were offering 20 percent off for the day, and Luna Bars were matching their discount with a donation to charity. Plus, Lyft was donating 20 percent of ride fees to charities that support women and families.

7. A high school senior was accepted into every Ivy League school, plus Stanford

17 year old Ifeoma White-Thorpe, a senior in New Jersey has her pick of any ivy league school plus Stanford.

She said the decision may come down to which school offers the most financial aid.