1. It seems Brad Pitt headed to Cambodia to secretly join Angelina Jolie and their kids on a trip

According to Naughty Gossip, while going through a divorce, it seems the two were able to work out a trip to Cambodia in February.

An inside said that “Brad came to Cambodia in secret to spend time with the kids.”

Naughty Gossip
2. Apparently Kim Kardashian greets Kanye West with a Versace glass filled with water after every show

Apparently Kanye always has designer glassware ready for him after every show, and greets him with it when he gets off stage.

And there is also a slushy machine, possibly for their kids, in the friends and family room.

Naughty Gossip
3. Apparently, taking a hot bath may have some similar health effects to going for a run, including burning calories

Dr. Steve Faulkner, a researcher at Loughborough University believes hot baths may have similar benefits as running, including preventing type 2 diabetes and burning calories.

Dr. Faulkner studied 14 people as they took a hour long bath in a bath that was run at 104 degrees, and then as they took a hour long bike ride.

The blood sugar response to both tests were similar, and while the biking did burn more calories, taking a bath burned as many calories as you would in a 30 minute walk, but still is important to keep the body’s sugar low, for this you can use supplements online, as you can find in this vedda blood sugar review.

4. A mom shares her fear of possible Human Trafficking at Ikea

Diandra Toyos was shopping in Ikea with her three kids and her mom when she noticed a suspicious man circling the area.

She took to Facebook to explain her scary story, saying both her mother and herself noticed the then two men circling them.

The men had not talked to anyone or appeared to be shopping, and they became suspicious the kids may have been under target of human trafficking.

Good Housekeeping 

5. It turns out Cats do in fact love their owners a lot

New research in the Behavioral Process journal shows that cats preferred interaction with humans and that they chose it as opposed to other “stimuli”

Good Housekeeping

6. The first addictive TLC show is coming back to the air: “Trading Spaces”

It’s being reported that “Trading Spaces” will be coming back to the air in 2018 on TLC.

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7. Alec Baldwin is actually “stunned” by how well his Donald Trump impression is doing

Baldwin revealed that he is “stunned” as the popularity of his Trump impression is continuing to grow, as it continues to be a fixture of many of the shows.

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