Hey Girl Hey,
Do you have a blog? Or want to start one? I have a MAJ inside tip for you…
In all honesty I launched TaylorStrecker.com in 2014 out of sheer boredom.  For a long time I was running this blog without really understanding the business behind it, data tracking, SEO boosting, revenue building techniques, etc.  That was until last year when I was introduced to the San Francisco-based company VigLink and Devin Mallonee who helped me with all my SEO issues.  After building personal relationships with their employees, I have seen a drastic boost in traffic to this site and overall revenue.  For those of you who aren’t super tech-savvy (like I used to be), VigLink is an affiliate link bridge between you and many different brands.  But beyond that they really do treat blogs like a business, not just to make money, but to build a strong and valuable brand.
That said, I have been chosen as the lucky winner of VigLink’s  Anatomy of a Winning

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