Hey Girl Hey!
Welcome to my annual Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!  I know people think that this is a STOOOOPPPIDDD throw away Hallmark holiday but, like it or not, it exists and we (women) get mad pissed when men behave like it doesn’t.  DISCLAIMER:  We will say over and over again that we DON’T care and that we DON’T want to celebrate and that we DON’T want anything but we are LIARS!!! And if you listen to our fibs your life will be hell…possibly forever.  That being said, we don’t necessarily need anything major.  Just a sweet little something that is sentimental, or suggests romance, or is red/pink….it’s really that simple.  Still confused?!?! Well, no worries because below is my list of gifts for her or him  but more for her because let’s get real this holiday is for us..sorry guys but it is!

This record player is an amazing gift for your

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