1. Brad Pitt skipped the parties after the Golden Globes after his very positive reception earlier in the evening.

Pitt entered through the backstage entrance, presented “Moonlight,” which he is executive producer of, and then headed right back home.

Sources say he didn’t want to party while in the midst of a custody battle with Angelina Jolie.

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2. It seems one of Kim Kardashian’s limo drivers was in on the jewelry heist.

One of Kim K’s Paris chauffeurs was among those arrested in connection to the robbery in Paris. The driver works at the limo company the Kardashian family frequently uses while in Paris.

According to a new report, the man was the last person to drive Kim before she was robbed.

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3. Jenna Bush offers a tearful apology yesterday on the Today Show for saying “Hidden Fences” instead of the movie’s real title “Hidden Figures.”

While interviewing Pharrell Williams at the Golden Globes, Jenna Bush mistakenly said “Hidden Fences,” prompting some people to poke fun and others to call her racist.

Al Roker defended Jenna Bush saying “Honest mistakes happen on live television.” He went on to say “We’ve all been in live situations, and you make a mistake…’I forgot Braveheart when I was interviewing Mel Gibson last night.”

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4. Justin Theroux left the Golden Globes early so that he could watch it in Pajamas with Jennifer Aniston.

Theroux, one of the presenters Sunday night, slipped away as early as he could to join his wife Jennifer Aniston and some friends for their own viewing party.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight Theroux said: “I almost skipped this interview because I got my girl and some friends in their pajamas who have delayed the show an hour so I can get back and watch the end of it with them.”

He also skipped the red carpet saying its the first time he’s come to the show and not done the red carpet.

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5. President-Elect Donald Trump thinks all DC Retailers are sold out of inauguration Gowns.

While talking to the New York Times yesterday about his anti-Meryl Streep Tweets, Trump slipped in a brag that all Inauguration Dresses are sold out in DC “Dress Shops”

However, in reality, DC is not even close to being sold out, both in large stores and smaller boutiques.

The Washington Post talked to Martha Slagle, vice president and general manager of the Neiman Marcus in Friendship Heights, who laughed when asked about Trump’s claim, before saying: “I’m stuffed with beautiful gowns,”

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6. Jerry Seinfeld was held up getting into the White House on Friday night when attending President Obama’s finals soiree Friday night.

Seinfeld was on the list as “Jerry” but his legal ID has his full first name listed as “Jerome”

Secret Service let his wife Jessica in while he was forced to wait for a half hour before being allowed inside.

Page Six spies said he made light of the situation, telling jokes to guests who passed by as they were headed inside.

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7. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have signed agreements to preserve their rights to privacy.

The statement is the first joint commitment from the couple since the actors filed for divorce

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