1. The Vanity Fair Oscars party was swarming with celebrities and insiders talking about the Best Picture mix-up

A few celebrities spoke of the mayhem at the Oscars. James Corden said: “I would have handled it terribly,” and Nick Kroll praised Jimmy Kimmel’s ability to handle the on stage incident.

Plus, a producer of another Best Picture nominee that was not involved in the confusion joked: “I would not have given the Oscar back,”

And Faye Dunaway, a presenter of the award along with Warren Beatty said: “It was very quick, I can’t talk about it. The card read that way. It was a very odd thing. It wasn’t Warren’s fault.”

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2. PricewaterhouseCoopers seems to be taking the blame for the Oscars Best Picture fiasco

PricewaterhouseCoopers handles the voting for the Oscars and it had been one of their partners who handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope.

Brian Cullinan was one of the two people from PWC handing out envelopes to the presenters, he was on one side of the stage Martha Ruiz, also from PWC, was on the other side.

Both people from PWC have envelopes for each category, even though only one of them need them, so that in theory nothing can go wrong.

Cullinan was said to be tweeting a picture of Emma Stone backstage who had just won the Oscar for Best actress, right before he handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope.

According to the LA Times, after “La La Land” was annopunced winner, a Female Stage Hand was heard saying: ““Oh, f- -k. Oh, my God. He got the wrong envelope,’’

Cullinan has been overseeing the Oscars for 4 years.

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3. Stephen Dorff put his Malibu beach house on the market for $8.5 Million dollars

The “Blade” star bought the house in 2002 for $2.5 Million dollars, and it has reportedly been on the rental market for as much as $50,000 dollars a month.

Dorff has been spending more time on the East Coast recently, although he has been considering the idea of selling his one bedroom penthouse in New York City for around $3 Million dollars.

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4. Jay Z and Beyonce might be buying a $105 Million Dollar Beverly Hills mansion

The couple is rumored to be buying Petra Ecclestone’s estate, the “Manor”, as they plan their move to Los Angeles.

The 57,000 square feet manor sits on 6 acres, has 123 rooms, a bowling alley, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, screening room, and four 2 car carrages.

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5. Christian Louboutin has announced their plans to sell mascara, eyeliner, and brow pencils.

For more beauty products, you may also want to look at the clip in extensions of mmbeautysupply.com to complete the overall gorgeous look.

Their new products are said to be impeccably designed and will be coming out this month as part of the Les Yeux Noirs collection.

6. Chrissy Teigen fell asleep during the Oscars while she was is in the audience

Teigen was caught falling asleep on John Legend during both Casey Affleck and Emma Stone’s moments accepting their awards.

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7. Lauren Conrad is releasing a fine jewelry collection at Kohls, including a ring very similar to her own engagement ring

Conrad is expanding her jewelry collection at Kohls with a fine jewelry collection, including a ring that looks like her engagement ring, but is only a fraction of the cost.

Lauren spoke of her husband William Tell choosing out her engagement ring saying:
“He didn’t even ask my friends, which was a bold move,…He said, ‘I know you, and I know what you like.’ And I love it. It’s perfect.”