1. When eating a high protein diet, these 7 foods have more protein than grilled chicken:

Greek yogurt
Yellowfin tuna
Ground beef (choose 95 percent lean ground beef)
Cottage cheese
Parmesan Cheese


2. An online product review company released a map of the favorite girl scout cookies in each state.

Influenster, an online product discovery and review platform polled over 5,000 members to find out what each state’s favorite girl scout cookies were.

The top cookie, which was the favorite across almost half of the states, including California, Virginia, Alaska, was: the thin mint.

Samosa trailed the thin mint, becoming a favorite in many southern states including Texas, Louisiana, And Georgia. But it also did well in the north, including in New York, Maine, and Pennsylvania.

3. Mariah Carey burned her $250,000 dollar Wedding Dress in her new “I Don’t” music video

Mariah Carey ends her new music video by dragging a wedding gown into a fire pit and letting it go up in flames.

It was apparently the $250,000 dollar Valentino dress she was supposed to wear for her wedding to ex-fiance James Packer.


4. Queen Elizabeth II has reached 65 years on the thrown, a record as a British Monarch

Queen Elizabeth had become Britain’s longest serving monarch in May 2015, surpassing Queen Victoria

Buckingham Palace said that the Queen spent the day quietly as she does not celebrate the day she became queen, because it is also the anniversary of her father’s death. (known as Ascension Day)


5. An investigation by American Humane says the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” did not have any instances of animal cruelty during filming

American Humane, the organization that had been on set to supervise the humane treatment of the animals while filming “A Dog’s Purpose” commissioned an investigation of the production of the movie.

They found that there were no cases of animal cruelty during filming. The organization also said that the video that had been released, portraying a dog being in distress while being forced into choppy water was edited.


6. While at President Trump’s super bowl party, Melania didn’t look too happy

During Trump’s super bowl party at the Trump International Golf Club in South Florida, Melania didn’t look very happy.


7. Turn’s out the beginning of Lady Gaga’s performance was pre-recorded

The very beginning of Lady Gaga’s performance, that shows her standing on the roof of the stadium, and then jumping towards the field, was actually pre-recorded.

Apparently, the very beginning was pre-recorded, not because of safety but because the unpredictable weather could have caused a problem.

Behind her while she was on the roof, the lights that displayed the American flag were created by drones.

And of course, she was still suspended above the field during the live show as her performance began.