1. MTV’s Reality Show “My Super Sweet 16” is returning to TV

The MTV show won’t just be about Sweet Sixteens this time around, it will feature any “coming of age” event. You can be as young as 13 to apply and there’s no upper limit.

MTV’s main requirement for being a part of “My Super Sweet” is that it’s “the most popular, outrageous, glitzy, girl [or] boy” who are “planning extravagant parties that will show the world just how #blessed they really are!”


2. Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a 5 year history of hating Dippin Dots

Turns out Spicer began tweeting at the company back in 2010 to make it clear that he does not like Dippin Dots at all:

Of course, once users on Twitter found these old tweets, they made sure to talk about it. And when Dippin Dots noticed the attention, they joined in too, offering to throw an ice cream social in the White House.


3. It seems Ralph Lauren may be facing a boycott for having dressed Melania Trump

The brand had designed a custom-made dress for the First Lady for inauguration day, and people are reacting on Twitter with the hashtag #BoycottRalphLauren

Users on Twitter are saying that by dressing Melania Trump, the brand supports suppression of women and does not care about sexual assault.

Ralph Lauren also dressed Hillary Clinton for the inauguration in a white pant suit.

4. Stacey Dash, actress and recent political pundit is being let go from Fox News.

Dash first appeared on Fox News in 2014, however she has been off the air since September and her contract will not be renewed.

Dash had previously been suspended at the network for swearing during a rant directed at President Obama.

She has also expressed controversial views on Middle Eastern immigration and transgender rights.

Daily Mail
5. Jonathan Cheban is purchasing a 16 Million Pound mansion in London, so he can be close to one of his favorite shops 

Cheban supposedly wants to be able to be close to Harrods, one of his favorite shops, as he often goes on weekly shopping sprees. Apparently he has spent thousands while in the store.

However, it won’t be permanent move, as he is likely to spend 6 months of the year in London, while spending the rest of his time between New York and LA, while filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Apparently, Jonathan should have already returned to filming of Keeping Up with the Kardashians except he wouldn’t leave London until finding his dream home.

Daily Mail

6. Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are set to get their own show

It seems Jax Taylor and his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright have already started filming their own spin-off show in Kentucky.

The show will focus on Brittany’s family in Kentucky pressuring her to get married.

However, show execs are reportedly worried that the couple might be broken up by the time it airs this summer.

Daily Mail

7. The Oscar Nominations are released today at 8:30AM Eastern

We take a look at the list of nominations with Julia Cunningham from Entertainment Weekly Radio during the last hour of the show’s 7 Things! (9AM ET)