1. A scam that is pretending to be Netflix is targeting people’s credit card information, along with other personal data.

Internet security firm FireEye is warning people that Netflix users could fall victim to a sophisticated phishing scam.

The scam begins with an email that asks the users to update their login information, using a page that looks nearly identical to the Netflix login page, then prompts the user to fill in additional membership details including their credit card information.

Netflix security page states that they will never ask for personal information such as a social security number or payment information.

2. Lindsay Lohan deleted all of her Instagram posts, and her bio now reads: “Alaikum Salam.”

The Arabic phrase translates to “Peace be unto you” and has left many of her fans thinking that Lohan has converted to Islam.

This is not the first time Lohan has shown interest in Islam, but some are saying this social media “cleanse” could go along with becoming a practicing Muslim.



3. A US Politics Expert has said it’s “Highly Likely” that Trump becomes impeached within the first 2 years.

Professor at the University of Manchester, Angelia Wilson is claiming that the numerous scandals revolving around Trump have made him an embarrassment to the Republican party, making him “vulnerable to impeachment” within 2 years of taking office.

Wilson said in an interview with The Independent:
“Whether it will be about the Russia dossier or other scandals that are undoubtedly there, he has become a liability for the Republican party. At some point they will need to distance themselves from him in order to solidify reelection for the House.”



4. Some people have begun maiming their pets to score drugs.

Amidst the nation’s “opiate epidemic,” some people have realized that a common pain killer prescribed by veterinarians to animals with a debilitating ailment is tramadol; the same pain killer prescribed to human cancer patients.

And compared to the often abused oxycodone, tramadol is much cheaper, going for less than $25 a bottle for 1,000 pills.

Some opioid abusers are finding they can get the drug through veterinarians, even if it means purposely abusing their pet.

NY Post


5. Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers has apparently cut off his family, and the reason seems to be a mystery.

According to a profile this past November by the Bleacher Report, Rodgers cut off several family members, not just his reality star brother who appeared on last season of “The Bachelorette,” and skipped his grandfather’s funeral.

Apparently, Rodgers has not spoken to his parents since 2014, and refused Christmas gifts from them.

While there have been some reports that Rodger’s girlfriend Olivia Munn is behind the family issues, Munn bashed that idea on social media.

The exact reason for the family drama is a mystery, but Rodgers has been described as becoming more guarded as his fame has risen.

NY Post
6. Mariah Carey reportedly made millions while performing for a Wedding.

Russian oligarch Valery Kogan reportedly spent four million dollars to have Sir Elton John and Mariah Carey perform at the wedding of his 19 year-old granddaughter in London.

Also at the wedding was Mark Ronson to do a DJ set, and actor Antonio Banderas who gave a speech.

7. Lady Gaga wants to sing from the roof of NRG stadium for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

Lady Gaga is apparently pushing for the idea to sing while on top of NRG stadium, however lawyers and technicians are still trying to figure out a plan to make this happen, without being too dangerous.

A source told Page Six: “They’re writing up multiple plans about how to safely get her on the roof, including potentially [cutting] a hole in the ceiling of the dome.”

Page Six