1. It seems NY City teens are busy playing video games instead of having sex

According to the 2015 biennial Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 45.6 percent of city teens spend at least 3 hours a day playing their computer or video games, compared to 27.2 percent of teens who have had sex.

The percentage of city high schoolers who have had sex fell from 31.2 percent in in 2013.

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2. Melania and Barron Trump will reportedly be moving into the White House this Summer

A White House official has confirmed that the Melania and Barron are planning to move to Washington D.C. this summer.

While many had speculate they may stay in New York long-term, moving this summer when Barron had finished his school year was apparently always the plan.

3. Demi Lovato says she used to only have male friends

While talking to “Mamamia” Lovato talked about only having male friends, saying:
“In my work environment, I used to only surround myself with men….I only had guys in my band, and I toured with guys and my tour manager was a guy and this and that.”

“I made a specific change. There was a time I used to say that I just didn’t get along with girls…I reevaluated why I didn’t get along with girls, and I think it’s because I didn’t really have any in my life that I trusted.”

“Now I’ve made it a point to surround myself with strong women and it’s really made a difference in my life,”


4. Oliver Stone apparently accused Michael Douglas of bad acting

Michael Douglass revealed how Oliver Stone accused him of bad acting while filming “Wall Street” a film, Douglass starred in and Stone directed.

Douglass said in a recent interview with “People”:
“Oliver said, ‘How are you feeling ?’”

“ I said, ‘I am feeling good’. He said, ‘Michael, are you doing drugs,are you drinking alcohol ?’ I said ‘No.’ He said, ‘Because you look like you have never acted before in your life, are you sure you don’t need to go to one of the alcohol treatment centers.’”

“I say, ‘Oliver, I thought it was pretty good.’ Oliver wanted just a little bit more anger. And I went to town after that, I worked my ass off.”

Douglass also said of Oliver’s directing:
“You look back at Oliver Stones’ career — Jimmy Woods in ‘El Salvador,’ Charlie Sheen in ‘Platoon,’ Tom Cruise in ‘Born on the Fourth of July,’ Kevin Costner in ‘JFK,’ Val Kilmer in ‘The Doors’ — and every actor has probably given their best performance with Oliver Stone,”

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5. Justin Bieber will not be charged for alleged head butting

Bieber had allegedly headbutting a party crasher at a pre-Grammy party back in February.

The rogue party crasher that was trying to get in apparently called the cops, however since the incident the alleged victim would not speak to the authorities.

The investigation has been closed since no one involved in the incident came forward with what happened.

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6. Melissa Etheridge opens up about smoking pot with her kids

Ethridge said she smokes with her 20-year old and 18-year old, saying that she would much rather smoke with her grown children then drink with them.

Ethridge revealed in September that she was getting into the marijuana business.

Ethridge opened up about smoking pot while being treated for breast cancer, saying:

“I smoked to be normal. I smoked to be out of pain. I smoked and use glass tobacco pipes to lighten myself because you’re poisoning yourself with chemo,” she said. “It wasn’t about being high; it wasn’t at all anything like that. It was just being to a place where I could communicate with my children, to where I could get up, to where I could eat, where I didn’t have to go to the hospital. It was great medicine.”

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7. Hoda Kotb has returned to “Today” after adopting her baby

Kotb said during her return yesterday on “Today”:
“I’ve been a mess. I’m scared to be sitting here. I’m a little afraid that I might explode into tears…I’m feeling great. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.”

“You think that by a certain stage in your life, I’ve had every experience that I’ve had, and then all of a sudden she shows up….I felt like in my life, I’ve had joy beyond what I could have imagine, but this is beyond a dream. Like, you had your dreams — and then this. I never believed in love at first sight until now.”

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