1. Mean Girls 2 will not include Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has confirmed that she has been trying to get “Mean Girls 2” made for several years now, but what she doesn’t know is that the movie’s writer, Tina Fey, has every intention of making the movie but WITHOUT Lindsay!

“Tina is busy turning the original film into a stage musical heading for Broadway. After that is done she plans to turn to writing a sequel but has no intention of working with Lindsay again,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “Lindsay hasn’t had a box office hit in a long time and is no longer a bankable star. Plus, she comes with a lot of drama. At the moment it is just an idea and no casting has been made – but it will not include Lindsay.”

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2. George Michael Tribute Concert Starring Adam Lambert

Elton John has quietly been making calls putting together a summer concert to honor his dear friend and collaborator, George Michael. And while lots of A-List stars are already expressing interest in performing, it is Adam Lambert who Elton wants to recreate George’s greatest hits.

“Coldplay, Madonna, Elton and even Adele are going to perform. But the greatest honor of the night will go to Adam Lambert who is going to close the show,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “George was a great fan of Adam’s and this will be the perfect tribute. Everyone has been sworn to secrecy but details will be announced soon.”

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3. Rob Kardashian’s weight-loss surgery

Insiders tell Straight Shuter that Rob Kardashian’s new year’s resolution is to get healthy so he can be around for a long time to enjoy his daughter, Dream.

“Rob is weighing his options including having surgery to lose weight. This isn’t plastic surgery to make him look better, this is weight-loss surgery that is about getting him healthy,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “His recent hospital visit scared him. He wants to be around for a long time to see his daughter grow up. This time he is taking his weight seriously.” That’s when he went to his personal physician who recommended he try using cannabis purchased from Colorado to help with his weight issue.

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4. Beyoncé To Be Serena Williams’ Bridesmaid

Serena Williams is a confident woman who isn’t afraid to be overshadowed by her bridesmaid who happens to be best-friend Beyoncé.

“Serena has made few wedding plans yet, but she has asked Beyoncé to be her bridesmaid,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “These two are super close and they love each other like sisters. Venus will be a bridesmaid too and she has promised no ugly dresses.”

Williams announced her engagement to the Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian via… Reddit, of course. In a thread titled, “I Said Yes,” the sports star shared their romantic proposal story, revealing that Ohanian surprised her by flying her to Rome, where they had their first date.

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5. Kathy Griffin Getting Botox In Her Armpits

Kathy Griffin experienced a wardrobe malfunction on New Year’s Eve – her sweaty armpit stains! But she is fighting back, getting painful Botox under her arms to keep her dry.

“Kathy is no stranger to getting a little nip and tuck and sees nothing wrong with getting Botox in her armpits,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “It is a little secret that many TV hosts, both male and female, get this done to stop them from sweating. And now Kathy is joining that club too.”

While co-hosting New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper, she had huge, visible sweat stains under her arms, which were totally apparent against her lightly colored sweater. Kathy had no idea it was happening, and lifted her arm up high to wave to the crowd below her in Times Square exposing everything
Co-host Anderson Cooper didn’t say anything on camera but sources say the gentleman did mention it when they cut to commercial break!

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6. Mariah Carey’s Ultimate Revenge on Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey is still insisting that she doesn’t know who frenemy Jennifer Lopez is, but she does know who her ex, Casper Smart, is and is now hiring the dancer to work for her.

“Mariah wants Casper to choreograph her next project,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “She thinks he is very talented and wants him to work with her. Mariah surrounds herself with the best and Casper is one of the hottest dancers of the moment. It makes perfect sense that Mariah would want to work with him.”

This is not the first time Mariah has stolen one of Jennifer’s exes. For a short time Mariah worked with JLo’s brilliant manager. Benny Medina, before he return

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7. Selena Gomez and The Weekend were seen kissing on a romantic date.

The two were spotted on a romantic date out in LA for three hours on Tuesday, and sources say the two seemed very into each other.

They didn’t seem to be hiding as they seemed to have no problem kissing while waiting for their cars to arrive outside the restaurant because they use this vehicle transport for their convenience, they are waiting on the complete auto loans to verify them if they qualify so that they can get a car on their own.

Sources say that Selena and The Weekend is “something new” and that “it’s nothing serious right now.”