1. Mischa Barton has obtained a restraining order against her ex who is allegedly responsible for the “revenge porn.”

Barton spoke out about the “revenge porn” at a press conference yesterday saying:
“This is a painful situation, and my absolute worst fear was realized when I learned that someone I thought I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments, without my consent, with hidden cameras. Then I learned something even worse: that someone is trying to sell these videos and make them public.”

Her attorney, Lisa Bloom obtained a domestic violence order against the unnamed ex believed to be trying to circulate the sex tape, now the ex is trying to get the best criminal defense attorney.

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2. Emma Watson had private photos stolen and leaked online

Watson is pursuing legal action after private photos of her were stolen and then leaked.

Her spokesperson clarified that the photos are not nude photos, but are instead private photos of the actress trying on clothes during a fitting with a stylist.
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3. Ivana Trump is writing a memoir about raising her children

“Raising Trump” is set to be published September 12th, and will focus on her three children with Donald Trump, and how she raised them.

A statement about the book states:
“As her former husband takes his place as the 45th president of the United States, his children have also been thrust into the media spotlight — but it is Ivana who raised them and proudly instilled in them what she believes to be the most important life lessons: loyalty, honesty, integrity and drive,”

The book is not expected to be political or critical of the president however, as the children are all close to Donald Trump, Ivana Trump did support his run for office, and a nondisclosure agreement was apart of their divorce.

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4. Jesse James talks about cheating on Sandra Bullock saying it’s “part of life”

Jesse James talked about how he is still targeted on social media for having on cheated on Sandra Bullock when the two were married. He said:
“The easy [put-down] is like, ‘Oh well, you cheated on Sandra Bullock.’ That’s the world’s easiest comeback….In general, both women and men cheat. It’s part of life.”

“It’s like people love to see you fall. And the farther you get, the higher you get, the more they love it,”

“…having 50 or 60 paparazzi outside my house for five or six months … That was not a good feeling…You learn what’s important — that that whole fame thing is not really … It’s meaningless when your quality of life goes to zero.”

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5. Leah Remini’s docuseries on Scientology was renewed for another season

A&E renewed Remini’s docuseries saying the new season “will further explore accounts of former members whose lives have been significantly impacted by the Church’s practices.”
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6. Caitlyn Jenner Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

She has been preparing for the release of her memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, out in April – and she is also in talks to join THE REAL HOUSEWIVES O BEVERLY HILLS.

“Caitlyn reality show was cancelled after bad ratings and she doesn’t want to return to The Kardashian show. She is in talks about joining Housewives. The President of BRAVO is also the President of E! So she doesn’t have to worry about contract issues,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “Caitlyn wants to get away from Kris, and Housewives is her way away from her.”

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7. Kim Kardashian To Retire After This Season Of Show

“Kim has told Kris and the family that this is her last season. She just doesn’t want to do it anymore. It has been a great run but now it is over for Kim,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP.

“After the incident in Paris her life has changed. She doesn’t want to live this life anymore. She wants to focus on being a mother and finding other projects. Her marriage is in trouble and she is forced to have surety 24/7. She is done. She is going to retire after this season and spend time with her husband and children. As far as she is concerned, she doesn’t want to see another camera for the rest of her life.”

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