1. Drinking coffee may help your body fight diseases as you age.

A group of researchers at Stanford University found that caffeine may help our bodies fight inflammation, which can help fight multiple diseases as we grow older.

Apparently the more caffeine people consumed, the more protected they were against a chronic state of inflammation. Therefore, an extra cup of coffee a day may may help you as you age.

2. Melania Trump is expected to wear Ralph Lauren at Trump’s Inauguration tomorrow.

While Lauren himself was an outspoken Clinton supporter, even having made numerous suits for her, the US Brand is supposedly making a custom made gown for Melania.

Some have pointed out that the gown Ralph Lauren is making could also be for other different high profile events.

However, she did wear Ralph Lauren on election night, leading some to believe it may be her choice for inauguration day as well.

3. The fewer calories you have in your life as an adult could help you live up to 18 years longer.

Experts found that as an adult, eating less calories could help live a longer healthier life. This comes from analyzing the data of two different studies involving monkeys, as similar results should also apply to humans.

However, experts said that the real world impact may be less dramatic as it also depends on other lifestyle choices.

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4. Brandi Glanville says she considered settling down with Cat Cora.

Brandi Glanville had apparently had a fling with Cat Cora, one of the judges on her cooking show “My Kitchen Rules”

On Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live, Glanville said she considered settling down with Cora, however she realized how attracted she is to men.

Glanville had explained the relationship by saying: “She’s hot, she’s talented; why not?”

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5. Ryan Lochte and fiancee Kayla Rae Reid are having a boy.

Lochte spoke of how excited he was to have a family, something he said he’s wanted for years.

He also seems excited to match his kid, saying:
“I’m excited to change diapers, to dress up my kid in the same outfits as me and this is going to be so much fun…It’s going to be awesome.”

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6. Turns out The Wynn Las Vegas resort removed all Tom Ford products after the designer said he wouldn’t dress Melania Trump

Trump spoke out against designer Tom Ford in an interview yesterday after the designer said he wouldn’t dress Melania. Trump said his wife “Never asked Tom Ford, doesn’t like Tom Ford, doesn’t like his designs,’”

Trump went on to say that that Steve Wynn called him to say The Wynn threw out Tom Ford’s products from their hotel. The Wynn confirmed that they had removed Tom Ford’s products from their resort.

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7. Trump has banned journalists from entering his Washington DC Hotel during inauguration week.

The Trump International Hotel in Washington DC has banned the media from its premises during inauguration week, saying it is out of respect to their guests.

A POLITICO reporter had attempted to enter the hotel Wednesday for a previously scheduled breakfast, but was stopped at the door and told that the media was not allowed.

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