When we talk about sex toys, we rarely think about why they’re called “sex toys.” While the word dildo has been been around since 1400 AD, with roots in both Latin (“dilatare,” meaning “open wide”) and Italian (“diletto” meaning “a woman’s delight”), it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when “sex toys” came into use. Considering how many “toys” fall under this umbrella, it’s a pretty vague term, to say the least.

If that’s the case, maybe we should stop using the term “sex toys” and perhaps find something that fits more appropriately. Or maybe call a dildo a dildo, a vibrator a vibrator, a butt plug a butt plug, and so on down the list; either way, it’s time to reconsider the term “sex toys.” Same thing happens with male sex toys, top sex masturbators for men are also known as pocket pussies, strokers and penis sleeves, it would be best to use only one term.

And sometimes happens the same with porn, people start to see it as a release for their body needs, but later becomes a hobby and eventually an addiction and this could bring more problems and even health issues, so How to know if you have PIED? for this is important to receive the proper evaluation by a professional.

“A toy is defined as ‘an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something,’” Polly Rodriguez, CEO of Unbound, an erotic subscription service, tells Bustle.“When we first started Unbound one of the biggest problems we faced was what to call the items we sold. Are they novelty products? No. Are they marital aides? As single women, hell no. What about erotic pleasure items? Barf. So, uh, that leaves… sex toys. That made us feel all kinds of creepy. The truth was, there was no simple, clear and honest phrase to describe the items we felt all women should own,” says Rodriguez.

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