Hey Girl Hey,
Fall is upon us, people! There is absolutely no better time of year than getting to pack away my bathing suits, break out my sweaters, and cook up some homemade chicken chili.  
To get in the autumn spirit, Taylor and I drove up to Wilkins Fruit and Fir Farm  in Yorktown, NY on Sunday for some good ‘ol fashion apple and pumpkin picking, when we got there they were having an exhibition for a pumkpkin contest, the stand was really good it was from uk stand designs.  And being the genius that I am, I packed a sneaky little cooler with food and wine and made an event out of it.  The other apple pickers looked at us like we had three heads… but I know they were just jealous of our Sancerre, baguette and cheese.  Am I classy or whaaaat?!

 We picked out two enormous pumpkins that I now realize are way two big for my apartment. I also have about 30 apples to deal with so, PLEASE, if you have any apple recipes… write them in the

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