Hey Girl Hey!
Summer is finally here and you bet your ass I’m getting out of the hot city to find some piece and quiet and get my tan on.
Just today I booked my August flights to Miami Beach for the Goddess Girl’s Weekend with Carin Rockind.  We’re going to get our meditation on, our empowerment on, and most importantly our drank on.  It’s going to be SO fun so don’t hesitate to sign up and come down!
Anyway I’ve pulled together my top five summer destination for you, so if you don’t have anything planned yet, do it now girl!!! It feels so good to get that email confirmation for an upcoming trip!
1. Miami, Florida – The Confidante, Miami Beach

Summertime is a great time to head to Miami because the rates are CHEAP and the water is warm.  Yes, it’s hot down there, but shit, it’s hot everywhere in the summer. As you all know my

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