Hey Girl Hey!!!
Sorry for the massive delay. Why on God’s green earth would Bravo air the most important night of television (Part 2 of the Southern Charm Reunion) on a holiday weekend?!?!  Welp, I FINALLY got a chance to sit down and watch this shit show.
Ready. Set. Pressing PLAY
THOMAS: Puh-lease just man up and marry Kathryn already. You both have poor manners, are equally insane, and seem to both love drugs… but I’m freakin rooting for you guys… which now makes me feel insane… aaaaaaaaa the irony that is your love.  I think you can actually function in your dysfunction if that makes any sense. Also SLICK MOVE WITH THE HERMES HANKY… just remember giving a crying girl your designer handkerchief doesn’t make you a gentleman, it makes you rich and wasteful.  But I will always love you in some sick way for reading everyone haaaaarrrdddd at your dinner party. LOLOLOL!!!!

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