Ok… It’s 7:56 PM and I’ve never been more excited.. WHY?!? Because the Southern Charm Reunion is going to be epic. All season long, Crazy-Katherine could not get along with Landon and we were all like WTF!?!? What is up her ass?!? Ok she thinks Landon hooked up with Thomas Ravenel… And then she confronts Landon and welp Landon and Thomas for that matter deny it. Then Shep brings Robyn aka Landon’s friend to the ball and she drops a bomb on the entire season. She says something to the effect of “So is Landon going to admit she slept with Thomas?”. Did I hear that right??? Gasp. Faint. Shart. I F&$KING knew it… and now…. It all unfolds… I can’t wait for this blood bath.
SHOWTIME…Person by Person…
KATHERINE: I like Katherine’s outfit… Oh wait………………..#bitchstolemylook

CRAIG: Stop talking in a baby voice about a pretend engagement ring. Ewwwwwww. Vomit. And STOP talking

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