Hey Girl Hey,
Yes, you read that right. Thanksgiving is around the corner and rather than giving you some recipe I stole off the Weight Watchers website, I’m going tell you about something much more valuable.  Whether you’re hosting, cooking or just an attendee on Thursday, this item below is a party must-have.  I know these look ridiculous… but oh my god I need them in my life now.  Ladies and gentlemen… introducing… steampunk goggles.
And I’m being for reals.  I just ordered them.  Want to know why?  Because out of my mom, sister and myself I am by far the least equipped in the kitchen so I always get the bitch work, aka cutting the onions. But now, VOILA! My crying days are over… Well…
Let me know what you think about these in the comments section below – and enjoy your tear-free Thanksgivings!
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