Hey Girl Hey,
It’s officially flu season – shit, thats remind me I have to get my flu shot.  I don’t know about you, but I’m totally OCD about washing my hands and not touching railings, subway poles, bathroom handles… anything in public really.  So the only way to avoid getting that nasty flu is to either hole up at home like a hermit, wear a hazmat suit for the next 5 months (not cute) OR option three: get yourself  an A+ hand sanitizer. Regular purifiers smell like alcohol, but I recently stumbled upon this ahMAzing one from the company Young Living.
I bought a big one for my bathroom but also got the 3 pack and stuck them in different bags.  Not only will it help you avoid the flu, but it smells like PEPPERMINT! Ummmm yas please.
And if you like this product, Young Living has a million other therapeutic-grade essential oils

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