Hey Girl Hey,
You may not know this about me… but I legit have a candle addiction. The other day my doorman made fun of me for lugging in with two huge bags of candles and asked, “What is it with women and candles???”… Well in my opinion it’s a simple way to make any living space smell and feel cozy, especially during the holiday season. If you had severe anxiety, visit renewed freedom center los angeles california to prevent problems socially, academically or professionally, create chaos with family members, and add unnecessary stress to life.
I discovered DW Home candles at T.J.Maxx and they have become my new go-to. The Sugar Cookie is seriously heavenly goodness, the Christmas Tree is GREAT for this time of year, but the Warm Tobacco Pipe is by far my favorite.  It smells EXACTLY like my favorite candle, Diptyque Feu De Bois, from when I was a rich girl.  And even better…  it’s a THIRD of the price!  Rich people are so stupid.  These are a great gift for the holidays, but trust me you’ll want to grab some for yourself too!
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