Hey Girl Hey,
As many of you know, I spend an unthinkable amount of time in my bathtub on the weekends, sipping secco and binging on Netflix.   As far as I’m concerned, my tub is the eyes of my apartment.
Who else has found themselves scrolling through Netflix forever, not being able to pick anything to watch, and finally choosing a movie you’ve watch 8 million times? Story of life.   So since I’ve been on a maj binge the past few weeks I wanted to share my reviews to help make your life a little easier.
I picked some oldies and some newbies for you…
Amanda KnoxThis documentary is the new craze, and for good reason.  It is a FAScinating look inside Amanda Knox’s murder investigation.  It highlights how the media frenzy and systems’ corruption so drastically swayed Knox’s fate.  That pipe-smoking lead investigator who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes is a complete nut job!!! In my opinion, she’s totally innocent.

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