Hey Girl Hey,
Nothing is better than a good TV binge sesh…the only problem is knowing what to invest your time in.  Welp, my hermit ass (I hate leaving my apt) has done all the leg work for you… so here you go!
Red Oaks (Amazon)I originally watched this because I was interviewing Jennifer Grey on my show Wake Up! with Taylor, but I got TOTALLY  sucked in!!!  I’m only a few episodes into season 1 but Jennifer told me it gets even better so if you don’t trust me, take it from the Dirty Dancing star herself.
Hater’s Back Off! (Netflix)This show is BIZARRE, but watch the first two minutes and see what you think…It’s very Napoleon Dynamite-esque.  I’m still undecided but definitely curious enough to keep watching.
Audrie and Daisy (Netflix)This is a documentary about sexual abuse and cyberbullying and it’s completely heartbreaking, but definitely worth watching.  Considering where we are with sexual

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