Hey Girl Hey,
Ever since I started carrying my FAV bag back in February,  I’ve received countless comments and questions about it.  I’ve also posted several pictures with it and have gotten amazing feedback from you guys.  Sadly, my exact bag is long gone from Zara stores, and trust me I tried to find others because you know how I love backups of my favorite things.
Anyway I scoured the internet for a similar bag and to be honest it wasn’t easy, but I actually found one that reminds me of it.  Seriously… there are a lot of ugly f**cking bags out there…. and to add insult to injury they are insanely expensive. That said, I pulled the cutest and most affordable bags I could find for you… because lord knows a sista needs HELP out there in the bag buying world.

As you can see above I’m literally obsessed with this bag.  There’s nothing better than having a go-to bag that goes with everything…

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