Tay Tay just hooked us all up with her cyber Monday breakdown, check it all out.

Hey Girl Hey!

Happy Cyber Monday!!! Let’s shop the shit out of today.  Full disclosure: this is the first time I have ever partaken in Cyber Monday and truth be told I am kicking myself for waiting this long to jump on the bandwagon…WHAT”S WRONG WITH ME??? Anyway, as I scoured website after website I realized that there were some pretty stupid sales going on….it’s like they rounded up all the crap in their stock room and categorized it under “cyber monday sales”.  Sooooo I decided to share with you my findings…consider me your cliff’s notes for bargain shopping.  Below are the absolute best deals I found (some great gifts for the holidays, some things I needed to buy anyway, and some things that are just too good of a deal to pass up).  WARNING:  Don’t wait to purchase because a lot of these sales end tonight…jeeze those ticking countdown clocks were giving me a maj anxiety attack.  And remember to use the right codes at check out for optimal savings.  Happy hunting lady!