Hey Girl Hey,
It’s 48 hours later and I’m STILL recovering from Sunday’s VMA’s.  I was so nervous to walk the red carpet that I had a minor… ok major… panic attack on the way there, but it ended up being totally worth my mental breakdown.  My team forced, yes, FORCED me to wear the white dress, despite the red dress winning my Instagram battle….

I was TERRIFIED of the white dress and was, like most of you, leaning towards the red but my manager, my publicist, and my Tay all agreed that the red was GORG but waaaaaayyy too “safe” for the VMA’s.  And after all was said and done, They…Were…Right! 
Here was my final look:

When we pulled up I heard that Beyoncé had just walked the carpet… Are you KIDDING ME?! I can’t go after the QUEEN!! Annnddd cue second panic attack of the night.  
But the second I jumped out of the limo I literally

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