Hey Girl Hey,
So I’ve been on a MAJ sneaker kick this summer…  Since NYC is obvs a walking city, I used to wear fancy flats everyday to work.  They were fine for bouncing between my apartment and into cabs, buuuuut ever since I learned about the fitness app on my iPhone that was forever changed, I start walking more at a slow pace, and now I even get supplements from sites as 101sarms which are easy to purchase and perfect for my health.
The first day I looked at it I literally opened to a day I had walked 8 steps… yes, 8… like did I pee the bed that day or what?!?  So about two months ago I started aiming to hit my 10,000 daily steps but my cutesy fashion flats started giving me blisters beyond.  My converse slip-ons were doing the job for a while but I needed to

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