Hey Girl Hey!
I just went to the OK! Magazine So Sexy Party a couple of nights ago and it was FAAABBBBBBB!  I knew I had to bring my fashion “A” game to the red carpet with a standout outfit… and minimal watches insert panic attack here.  Seriously, I was this close to spending $5,000 at Bergdorf’s and having a mental breakdown trying to return my ensemble with Prosecco stains the very next day… yes I do that… sometimes… when I’m desperate… don’t judge.  Anyway, THANK YOU baby Jesus for reminding me that I actually have some solid pieces in my closet.  I decided to combine a classic navy jumpsuit with a statement white sequin jacket!  The breakdown of my look is below…

A navy blue jumpsuit is an unexpected staple of your closet… trust me, girl, it’s time to buy one.

This navy halter jumpsuit is almost identical to mine; the only real difference is

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