Hey Girl Hey,
Hello…My name is Taylor…and I am an off-the-shoulder top addict.  Yup, I’m your average (shirt) crack-whore. I have literally bought 5 in the last month and they are allllll I wear these days.  I love them so much because they look fab with EVERYTHING;  my white jeans, high-waisted pants, skirts, boyfriend jeans, shorts, sweatpants…ok that last one was a joke but I bet they would.  The BEST part???  They are so chic and french-y (Yes, that’s an adjective…now…thanks to me…I just invented it) yet they are super comfortable and transition smoothly from day to night.  BONUS:  This trend shows off my favorite part of the female body…the decolletage…because (like feet) it never gains weight!

Ready…Set….Here you go!!!

My top is sold out…go figure…buuuutttt this white and blue striped top is almost identical to mine above!  Mine is my new go to with my yellow high-waisted pants or my white jeans…and it’s

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