1. Robbers allegedly opened fire in the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas, in a high end retail store.

It is believed robbers opened fire at the Bellagio’s Rolex store, one wearing a Pig’s Mask.

Thankfully no one was injured, and one suspect was taken into custody.


2. Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski have welcomed their first child

It was confirmed that Seyfried gave birth to a baby girl recently, however the babies names is not yet known, luckily they had everything ready with the things they got from the BabyZoom site.

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3. Soon, you might have your pizza delivered by a robot

Food delivery app Doordash has launched a program in Redwood City, California to deliver food with robots.

Starship Technologies “local delivery” robot can sense pedestrian and street traffic, traffic signals, and travel at up to 10 mph, however it will only go 4 mph for safety.

And only the person who order the food can unlock the container with your food, so you don’t have to worry about it getting taken on the way.

NY Post

4. Samira Wiley married Lauren Morelli in Palm Springs on Saturday

The couple met on the set of “Orange is the New Black” and became engaged last year.

The two had a confetti themed party because they both love funfetti cake.

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5. Jon Gosselin will now be a stripper in Atlantic City

Former reality star and father of 8 Gosselin will be a stripper at the Dusk Nightclub’s “Untamed Male Revue” show at Atlantic City come Saturday, April 1st.

Gosselin has been working at the Dusk Nightclub as a promoter and sometimes as a DJ as well,

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6. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck look happy together as they smile with their kids during a church outing

The two appeared to be affectionate and happy during their trip to church, which seem to show that they may actually be giving their marriage a second chance.

Daily Mail
7. United Airlines stopped a 10 year old girl from boarding because she was wearing leggings

A 10 year old girl was told to change into a dress in order to be allowed on a flight on Sunday, causing outrage that United Airlines s body shaming people.

United Airlines defended the move saying gate attendants are able to determine if passengers are properly dressed.

She was also a guest of airline staff which are apparently held to higher standards.

Daily Mail