1. Blake Lively talks about the one piece of advice her mother gave her that helped her become a success

Blake Lively spoke of what her mother would always tell her, saying:
“Whatever it was, whether I was doing a school project, I was doing something creative, she would always say, ‘You can’t mess it up’….I mean, I could mess it up really severely, but just the fact that she told me I couldn’t almost made me feel like I couldn’t.”

“I took risks and I would do things I otherwise would have limited myself with,”

She attributes her mother’s positivity in this way that she felt able to try out being an actress.

2. Emma Watson revealed the real reason she turned down a role in “La La Land”

Emma Watson explained during a SiriusXM Town Hall here on Friday that because she was already committed to “Beauty and the Beast” she wasn’t able to also commit herself to “La La Land.

She explained:
“It wasn’t a movie I could just sort of step into…I knew I had horse training, I knew I had dancing, I knew I had three months of singing ahead of me and I knew I had to be in London to really do that.”

” I knew I had to do the work, and I had to be where I had to be. So, you know, scheduling conflict-wise, it just didn’t work out.”
3. Alec Baldwin returned to SNL this past weekend as Trump yet again

The cold open of the episode begins with Aliens from planet Zorblat-9 invading earth, when Baldwin as President Trump steps out to offer some inspiration to US troops.


4. Birthday cake mimosas are the best way to begin your birthday drinking

The ingredients are sparkling rose, vodka, birthday cake ice cream, and the icing and sprinkles are optional.

To make them, you dip a champagne glass into icing, rim the glass with sprinkles, and 1 and a half ounces of vodka, one scoop of birthday cake ice cream, and top it off with sparkling rose.


5. Turns out you can now buy a ranch dressing fountain at Hidden Valley’s new store

This past Friday, aka National Ranch Dressing Day, Hidden Valley unveiled their brand new online store.

The store features a Ranch fountain, designed much like a chocolate fountain, for all your party needs.

Plus, the store will also be selling a jewel encrusted ranch dressing bottle, a ranch koozie, and of course there own t-shirt.


6. Rachel Bilson will be joining “Nashville”

Rachel Bilson has joined the cast of “Nashville” for the second half of the show’s fifth season.

Little is known about her role so far, except that her character’s name is Alyssa.

7. A guy on Wall Street humps the “Fearless Girl” statue that was installed in front of the iconic Charging Bull statue

The Fearless Girl statue had been installed facing the Charging Bull statue last Tuesday by asset manager State Street Global, to promote gender diversity on Wall Street.

There were apparently 15-20 people gathered around the statue discussing its symbolism when the man and his friends showed up, supposedly acting “entitled.”

The man simulated humping the girl, which someone snapped a picture of and posted it to facebook.

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