1. Protests have been occurring all weekend against Trump’s “Muslim ban” and Mexican border wall

Huge crowds have been protesting across the county after Trump signed an executive order banning visitors for 90 days from seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen).

The protests opposed Trump’s executive order on immigration, along with his plan to build the Mexican border wall.

Daily Mail
2. Hashtag #DeleteUber began trending Saturday night after the company was believed to be profiting off of the protests.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance announced on Saturday night a temporary work halt at JFK airport would occur from 6-7pm. Therefore NYC Taxis would not pick anyone up from the airport in that hour to show their support of the ongoing pretests.

Uber however, announced that they had turned off surge pricing at JFK airport. While the company claims this was to help out, the internet quickly responded saying the company was profiting off the protests.

3. Russell Crowe publically says Terri Irwin is amazing on Twitter, amid rumors that the two are romantically involved

Back on January 23rd, Irwin shared a picture of herself on Twitter with her late husband Steve Irwin and the caption “Happy National Hugging Day.”

Russell Crowe tweeted in reply: “Terri… you have kept his [Steve Irwin’s] love and ambitions relevant… you’re amazing.”

Daily Mail
4. Page Six is reporting that the 9am Hour of The Today Show has been cancelled to make space for Megyn Kelly

Staffers at the Today Show are apparently fearful of other changes, after being kept in the dark about Megyn Kelly’s transition to NBC.

Now rumors are circulating that Megyn Kelly is being groomed to take over for Savannah Guthrie as a lead anchor on Today.

However, NBC had said earlier this month: “We just signed Savannah to a massive deal that is longer than Megyn’s. A lead anchor role at ‘Today’ isn’t part of the conversation for Megyn.”

Page Six

5. Hamilton is doubling the amount of 10 dollar seats available through their ticket lottery

Beginning tomorrow, 46 seats per performance will be available for 10 dollars through the show’s digital ticket lottery.

This comes after Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller vowed to do so last June.

Page Six

6. Emma Watson and Miles Teller apparently lost the lead roles in “La La Land” for being too demanding

Movie insiders are saying the two were originally cast as the leads of the film, but both lost out after being demanding during negotiations.

However, some had said that Emma Watson stepped away from the film to do Disney’s live action “Beauty and the Beast.”

A movie insider said: “Producers finally cast Emma Stone — and once she was on board, Ryan Gosling jumped at the chance to work with her again.”

Page Six
7. Hidden Figures and Stranger Things won some of the top prizes at the SAG awards last night

“Hidden Figures” won Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

“Stranger Things” took the Outstanding Performance by an ensemble in a Drama Series.

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