1. The US Government is reminding celebrities and social media influencers to state their relationships to brands, when paid for Instagram posts

The FTC has apparently sent out more than 90 letters to celebrities, athletes, and other influencers, to clearly state their relationship to brands when they’re paid to post a #ad on Instagram.

The FTC letters also suggest that influencers disclose when a post is an ad within the first 3 lines of the post so the user doesn’t have to click the “more” button.


2. Channing Tatum’s 3 year old has apparently seen his strip show

“Magic Mike” movie star Channing Tatum has just debuted new Las Vegas show Magic Mike Live, and revealed that his 3 year old has already been to the show.

Tatum said of his toddler Everly:
“She has already been to the show….She is running around here like crazy. We keep it very casual and positive around here”

The show features 12 performers, who dance, sing, do acrobatics, and strip. Tatum said of the show:
“It has a story on some level,”

“The big takeaway was that we wanted it to be this really base-level experience. We want people to leave and still think about it after they leave,”

“We have a safe word and you will find it out in the show that everyone can use and the guys actually listen. You will need a safe word, just so you know.”

Tatum’s wife Jenna Dewan Tatum has also already seen the show, and told E!:
“To do a show that is so well done for dancers and elevating the whole conversation for women and what we want, you did so much with this show. I’m blown away,”

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3. Carmelo Anthony avoids including La La in his new charity

Carmelo Anthony incorporated the Carmelo Anthony Foundation Inc. and brought two business associates onto the board as directors instead of La La.

Anthony started the Carmelo Anthony Family Foundation in 2005, but his new now incorporated charity received tax exempt status in January.

La La has been on the board of the Carmelo Anthony Family Foundation since 2009, and a representative for Anthony said she would remain on its board.

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4. An American Airlines employee is accused of hitting a woman with a stroller, only narrowly missing her baby

Friday night on a flight getting ready to take off, an employee allegedly took a stroller from a woman and hit her with it, while only narrowly missing the baby in her arms.

A video was captured showing the moments after the incident, a fellow passenger on the plane says:
“What’s the guy’s name who did that with the stroller?…Is he an American Airlines employee? I want to know his name personally. That’s ridiculous.”

Another passenger is heard saying:
“he smacked her in the face with the stroller.”

American Airlines commented on the situation, saying:
“The actions of our team member captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy, two values necessary for customer care,” the airline said in a statement to CBS News. “In short, we are disappointed by these actions. The American team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate this incident.”

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5. Blake Lively shuts down a fashion question while being honored at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon

Blake Lively was being honored for her work with the Child Rescue Coalition, which aims to combat child pornography all over the world, when a reporter asked her a fashion question.

She responded saying:
“Really? At this event, you’re asking me about my outfit?”

“Are we really doing this? Would you ask a man that?”

6. Ariel Winter would rather be herself, instead of the perfect role model

While talking to reporters Saturday, Ariel Winters said:
“You know people throw around the term role model a lot… I love the term, I think its great, but I think people put too much pressure on people to be perfect and to portray that imagine.”

“Really, what we should be aspiring to, is having role models that are just themselves because people make mistakes, they are human and I think that’s really important and that’s what I aim to be, is just me and leave that out there.”

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7. Brunch emojis are a thing, including croissants, avocados, and bacon

A recent update of iOS included a bunch of new emojis, and specifically had a few that are great for brunch.