Hey Girl Hey,
In case you haven’t noticed I am obsessed with the monochromatic trend! Not to be confused with Kanye’s whack nude-spandex-freak show look.
I pieced this outfit together before the Kelly Cutrone-run Francesca Liberatore show and it quickly became my new boo thang.  The best part… the monochromatic look will also look FAB come fall.
Let’s start with the pants:
Ok, so these are my actual pants from Zara, but *fair warning* they have a strong slit that opens up to mid-high thigh DOWN THE MIDDLE  so when you sit down it’s like wearing short, short, shorts.  GREAT for a standing event…scary for a sit down dinner…unless you have killer legs you want to flaunt….BOO you whore.
These pants are almost identical to mine and have NO slit up the side… Yaaaaaaas, queen! I hate showing my legs so I’m ordering these pronto.
These palazzo pants so are so g*ddamn chic I could cry.  You can

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