Hey Girl Hey,
If you listen to the show you know that… 1) I have a shopping problem 2) My size changes every week and 3) My clothes are like my children.  The idea of ruining something in the laundry, having clothes borrowed and destroyed, or losing my luggage, makes me lose my F#$King mind. I mean, when Sully landed that plane in the Hudson River my immediate reaction was, “Oh my God… I wonder if those poor people were allowed to grab their carry-on suitcases???” I’m sick, SICK!
Anyway my new(ish), little(ish) closet can’t handle all of my wardrobe so I’ve been forced to purge;  So I begrudgingly edited my beloved clothes, packed them all up and hailed a taxi to the “guillotine”…I mean second hand store…when I had a full blown panic attack!  Suddenly I realized that it wasn’t unappreciative strangers I wanted my things to go to, but YOU!

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