Hey Girl Hey!
I think this is the most excited I have ever been to post a video to this blog and that says ALOT because I simply adore the videos I have posted over the years on TayTV.  I had the honor of getting a red carpet spot for this years MTV Movies Awards but the truth is when my manager Matt told me about the opportunity, I said a strong and loud NO!!!!!!! My gut reaction is to HATE red carpet.  TRUTH:  Red carpet can be veeeerrrryyyyyyyy demoralizing; You get stink-eyed, you get shoved, and you get IGNORED by celebs and their PR people as you scream out their names…Oooooo the shame!  No wonder Giuliana Rancic is such a biotch (sorry, I couldn’t resist a jab… damn I hold a grudge).  But Mr. Matthew wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Ummmmm… isn’t he supposed to yes me to death

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