Hey Girl Hey!
Meet, Tinkle,  your new best friend…

I wouldn’t typically post about one product unless I was getting paid big bucks for it… which I most certainly am not.  Ohhhhh…. someday, someday, but that day is not today.  This product is just that AH-MAY-ZING.  One of my besties shared her secret and swore by it and now I am, too, addicted.
Seriously, this miracle wand will fix all of your annoying hair problems.  I loathe getting my upper lip waxed, ergo I leave my mustache to overgrow month after month (I also have a fear of getting herpes from those waxing places).
So whether it’s your upper lip, eyebrows, peach fuzz, chin hairs, or neck line, all of your facial grooming problems are now a thing of the past!
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