1. Prosecutors will apparently use Bill Cosby’s own words against him

The Montgomery County DA revealed in papers filed yesterday that he plans to use pages from Cosby’s 1991 biography “Childhood” as it shows his obsession with the aphrodisiac called the Spanish Fly.

Cosby wrote about the Spanish Fly in his book saying:
“an aphrodisiac so potent that it could have made Lena Horne surrender to Fat Albert,”

Cosby also apparently talked about the Spanish Fly during an interview about the book while on the “Larry King Show.” He apparently said the Spanish Fly was a drug all boys 11 to death would be searching for, and that all it took was a drop in a women’s drink and then she was yours.

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2. Philip Falcone is selling hisSt. Barts Mansion for 57.4 Million Dollars

Hedge fund billionaire Philip Falcone is selling his mansion with 9 bedrooms, 10 and a half bathrooms, 3 swimming pools, and views of the ocean.

Falcone had bought the house in 2008 for $39 million, and it’s now on the market for $54.7 million.

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3. Dave Franco isn’t wearing his wedding ring because his finger is a bit too big for it

Alison Brie and Dave Franco had admitted to being married in secret, but Franco hasn’t been wearing his ring around.

He explained to E News:
“It was too small,…My finger’s fatter than I thought.”

It is of course being redone and will be ready eventually.

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4. Hosts of UK morning show “This Morning” seem to question James Van Der Beek’s career

James Van Der Beek, former “Dawson’s Creek” star went onto the morning show to discuss his newest project, but hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby began by talking about the success his former “Dawson’s Creek” co-stars have found.

He apparently looked uncomfortable as the hosts declared how his former co-stars careers in Hollywood were thriving, implying that he’s the only one to become less relevant.

He answer saying: “I have been on television for the last 20 years, just to let you know,”

The awkwardness continued as he offered short answers while the hosts talked about “Dawson’s Creek.” Although he did open up about the impact “Dawson’s Creek” had on him saying:
“It changed my life….It was a huge opportunity, are you kidding me? I learned how to be on camera, I learned how to deal with celebrity, I learned how to deal with all kinds of things. It was a huge break.”

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5. Paris Jackson’s rise has been carefully planned by one of Hollywood’s biggest talent managers

A source told Page Six:
“Arnold Stiefel of Stiefel Entertainment got a hold of her. After meeting with her, he decided she is the next big thing in acting….He’s managed Rod Stewart and Bette Midler in the old days of the Wagners. Everybody.”

The source said Stiefeld is one of the only people who can tell someone he will make them famous, and mean it.

And apparently Steinfeld’s entire office was told to work on her rise to fame, she would always get the
best recliners to make her office look perfect and so everyone would be happy. The source explained that everywhere she appears is a calculated move to allow the public to accept her, saying:
“Right now they’re plotting on getting her out there…Awards shows, red carpets. Everywhere. She’s on all the magazines. Once they get people comfortable with her — not just being Paris, Michael’s daughter — have people forget who she really is. Then let her acting shine through.”
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6. Yoga company Lululemon has had a “slow start” to the year

Lululemon, the yoga company that had been selling yoga pants for $98, energy bras for $52, and T-shirts for $48, is now seeing slower sales.

The company has seen its shares fall 18 percent, after having profitable years in the past. NY Post

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7. The world’s oldest never before worn pair of Levis are apparently worth a fortune

A vintage pair of jeans that have never been worn before are from 1893, and were discovered in an old family trunk.

Vintage denim can apparently be worth thousands of dollars, and Levis has offered $50,000 to buy back the jeans. However, Jock Taylor, who now is in possession of the jeans believes he may be able to get an offer of up to $100,000.

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