1. A new book is claiming that Prince Charles cried the night before marrying Princess Diana

The book titles “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life,” claims that Prince Charles felt torn between Diana and his former girlfriend, Camilla.

He supposedly felt pressure by the palace into marrying Diana, and he may have still been in love with ex-partner Camilla.

Prince Charles did eventually marry Camilla after splitting with Princess Diana, only a year before she died in a car crash.

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2. McDonald’s famous Big Mac sauce, along with the McChicken and Filet-O-Fish sauces will be hitting grocery stores in Canada this Spring

After giving away the Big Mac Sauce to 10,000 customers during January, McDonald’s has decided to begin selling it in Canadian grocery stores.

While Canada may not be close to you, some of the bottles are apparently available on E-Bay for around $100.


3. One of Dunkin Donuts iconic drinks is being taken off the menu, the Coffee Coolata

Dunkin Donuts has decided the Coffee Coolatta is no longer “good enough,” but will instead be replacing it with Frozen Dunkin Coffee.

Frozen Dunkin Coffee hopes to have more of a coffee taste, and is actually made with coffee extract, ice, liquid cane sugar, and dairy mixers.

4. Butterbeer Flavored Ice Cream is officially here

The well known flavor created in Harry Potter, Butterbeer will now be the flavor of a new Yuengling ice cream.

The Butterbeer ice cream will have a mix of buttercream and butterscotch ice cream along with a butterscotch swirl, to try and match the flavor J.K. Rowling described as Butterbeer.


5. Selena Gomez admitted to reading her Instagram comments

During an interview with the NY Times, Gomez talked about reading Instagram comments, saying:

“You can’t avoid it sometimes….I delete the app from my phone at least once a week. You fixate on the [negative] ones. They’re not like, ‘You’re ugly.’ It’s like they want to cut to your soul. Imagine all the insecurities that you already feel about yourself and having someone write a paragraph pointing out every little thing — even if it’s just physical.”

6. A report is claiming that Melania Trump “refuses” to sleep in the same bed as Donald Trump

“Us Weekly” wrote that she is unhappy in her new role, and a family source apparently told the magazine: ““Melania does not keep hidden from everyone around her how miserable she is.”

Another source claimed that they have separate bedrooms, even when they are in the same city, and that “they never spend the night together-ever.”

7. Tamron Hall opened up about “The Today Show,” saying her job there doesn’t definer her

Tamron Hall explained how there were two types of people she heard from after leaving “Today;” people who made it sound like she died, and people who asked “what’s next?”

Hall elaborated saying:
“I don’t want a friend who calls me saying, ‘Oh my God.’ It’s a job. It doesn’t define me. It doesn’t determine what I do … how I treat people. I’m going to always look you in your face and say, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ — and if you make me mad, a good cuss word — but in the end, a title can’t define you. When your card no longer says anything beneath it, but your name, are you still you? Can you still savor the victory — the moment that you were able to take that dream? I never imagined that I would be on the ‘Today’ show.”
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