1. Bethenny Frankel is teaming with Fredrik Eklund for a new Bravo real estate series

Million Dollar Listing New York star Fredrik Eklund is teaming up with RHONY star Bethenny Frankel for a new real estate series based in New York. The series will show the two working together to scout, buy, and design multi-million dollar properties.

The network announced that the series will showcase their fun-loving dynamic and reveal the insides of flipping high end properties.

Daily Mail
2. A new app will apparently let you anonymously tell your ex that they have a STD

Virgin Care sexual health service in the UK is launching a text service they hope will combat the spread of STD’s.

The service let’s someone who has a STD let their previous partners know that they may have contracted one, all while staying anonymous.

Patient’s looking to inform their past partners simply have to provide a phone number or email for anyone they are wishing to inform, and Virgin Care’s clinics do the rest.

NY Post
3. Khloe Kardashian is being sued for $150,000 because of an Instagram snap

A photo agency is claiming that Khloe Kardashian copied a picture they took of her and a sister dining out, and posted it to her Instagram the following day.

The photo agency, Xposure Photos UK, also claims that the photo: “had been altered to remove the copyright management information (CMI) showing plaintiff as the copyright owner of the image.”

Xposure Photos is suing for not receiving permission to use their photo and harming the market for the original photograph.

Page Six
4. It seems Caitlyn Jenner may have plans to meet with Vice President Mike Pence

Caitlyn, who had previously attended Donald Trump’s inauguration suggested that she may have a private dinner with Mike Pence to discuss LGBTQ issues while in DC.

She spoke about the current administration Wednesday during a SiriusXM Town Hall with Andy Cohen:
“I know everything that’s going on and I know everybody in his and Trump’s administration who are for and against,”

“[Pence] has come up when he was governor [with] some of the most anti-LGBT issues. I know that. The American Unity Fund worked very closely to take that legislation and really get it out of there. And he came back kicking and screaming. And did sign some stuff and did better with that on that issue.”

Page Six
5. United Airlines seems to be trying to make up for it’s horrible month with cheap flights to Europe

Flights to Europe with United have been super cheap recently, and Scott Keyes of the website “Scott’s Cheap Flights” has said that there has been a “noticeable drop” since United’s recent incidents.

United also seems to be making a few changes since its PR nightmares, including changing its boarding process so that passengers who have already boarded never have to give up their seat.

The have also increased how much a passenger can get in travel certificates for giving up their seat on an overbooked flight to $10,000.

6. “Frozen 2” is slated to be released November 27, 2019

The sequel to “Frozen” is set to hit theaters exactly six years after the first film was released.

DIsney has not released many other details about the movie, including the casting, but both Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel tweeted the news of the movie’s release date shortly after it was announced.

7. Taco Bell is accepting reservations for an exclusive 5 course dinner at their test kitchen

Taco Bell’s test kitchen in Irvine, California will have 32 spots available for a 5 course dinner where guests are served dishes that have been inspired from Taco Bell classics.

The reservations will be available via OpenTable and guests will also get a first look at new menu creations before they are released to the public.