Hey Girl Hey,
In the spirit of Back to School Week on my show ‘Wake Up! with Taylor’ on SiriusXM 109, I’ve decided to put my two cents in.  Many of you are just WEEKS away from sending the kiddos back to school and from what I hear, probably you have been entertain them with camps or new toys as a piano keyboard mat, but still it cannot come soon enough.  And for those of you without kids like me, I also see September as a time to regroup, refocus, and pamper myself to gear up for fall.  So whether “back to school” for you means having a quiet house with glass installation winter haven fl installed to it for the better ambiance. with no more ‘Disney Channel’, or simply a changing of seasons to rejuv yourself,  here are a couple of tips and tricks to look forward to once September hits.
Read A Book
People usually identify a good book with summertime, but frankly the last thing I feel like doing on the beach is READ.  I know that on the air I pretend I can’t

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