The Show

Wake Up With Taylor is a daily talk show on Sirius XM Stars 109, from 6:00AM ET to 9:00 AM ET.  Hosted by entertainment personality Taylor Strecker, and comedian Kenny Zimlinghaus.  They tackle hot topics in pop-culture, interview celebrities, and create original comedic segments.  Regular guests like Dr. Wider, Bonnie Fuller, and Robert Verdi make the “Wake Up Experience” even more informative and wildly entertaining.


Taylor Strecker

Coined as a “lil shot of espresso,” was discovered in a New York City bar shortly after graduating from Ithaca College’s Park School Of Communication.  Her comedic timing, authentic voice, and accessibility were blatant to the Programming Director of Sirius Satellite Radio at the time, who knew she had found a rising star in Strecker.  She then pursued her to head the newly branded Cosmo Radio. The groundbreaking “for women by women” radio station launched in March 2006.

Strecker’s take no prisoner attitude intertwined with her feminist core has her uplifting women one self-deprecating story at a time.  Though Strecker has a tendency to come off as too candid, openly discussing hemorrhoid pain. The next minute she’ll tackle the pay discrepancy in the office place and plead with women to recognize their individual beauty and value.

Her fun-loving personality bleeds through in all she does.  The magic of the banter between Strecker, and stand-up comedian co-host Kenny Zimlinghaus is one of the many reasons Wake Up With Taylor! is must-listen radio on Sirius XM Stars from 7:00AM ET – 10:00AM ET daily.

Katie Castellano

Katie is the business behind entertainment radio.  She’s been a producer at terrestrial giants like Clear Channel and has found her home at SiriusXM for the past 9 years.  While at Sirius she’s helped launch shows like the Focus Group, became the voice of reason on Derek and Romaine, and now laughs relentlessly on Wake Up With Taylor.

Katie keeps the chaos of live radio as controlled as possible with the endless antics of hosts and guests and the ever changing topics and events.  You can also catch Katie contributing on air with all things wine, cats, dates, and just a dose of realness or shade (depending on how much wine she’s had).  She has a BA in communication and is getting her Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in Media Management and Information Systems.  A Mainer at heart she’s a full-fledged city girl, traveling the world, and giving diehard New Yorkers a run for their money.  Katie also freelances, helping people establish their media brand and packing media materials for clients.