Hey Girl Hey!
If you listen to my show, Wake Up! with Taylor on SiriusXM 109, then you know I have been OBSESSED with the color yellow lately!  I bought this fab bright yellow Zara jacket about three years ago and could never figure out how to wear it.  Thank God I hung onto it though because guurrrrl I recently bought these yellow pants and WHAM…Say hello to my new little favorite summer outfit.

Listen, I have been known to bring a goooooddd outfit game gurl but this one blows my other ensembles out of the water.  For reals… I get NON-stop compliments (guys, girls, errrr-one) and I’m convinced it’s the color.  Yellow just makes people happy.  When I wear this sunny outfit people smile at me more, move over on the subway bench so I can sit, hell I even get free drinks from time to time…so what if it was just soda water…it counts!

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