1. Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC

Longtime Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is said to be leaving for a new role with NBC News.

An offer tailored to her sealed the deal, which is said to include a daytime show on weekdays, and a Sunday evening news show.

Megyn Kelly had been Fox News’ second most-watched host, behind only Bill O’reilly.


2. Someone created a mosaic mural of Mandy Moore in their shower.

A new owner of an apartment in Queens was discovered to have a mosaic of Mandy More along its shower wall.

A “friend of a friend” posted the mosaic alongside the original picture it was based off of as proof.


3. Beyonce will be headlining Coachella in 2017.

Organizers of Coachella confirmed yesterday that Beyonce will be headlining the annual musical festival in Indio, California.

Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, Mac Miller, DJ Khaled, and Lorde will all be performing at Coachella as well.

The festival will be April 14-16, and 21-23. Passes go on sale today.


4. Experts are now saying The Titanic did not actually sink due to an iceberg.

A documentary called Titanic: The New Evidence has produced a theory that a huge fire was responsible for the ship sinking.

It’s believed that the fire had actually been burning for almost 3 weeks but had gone unnoticed.

Photographs seem to show black marks consistent with a fire in one of the Boiler rooms, which could have weakened the ship’s hull, and allowed for an iceberg to tear it open.


5. A bagel shop employee in New York was fired for refusing to serve cops.

A newly hired employee told two officers the bagel shop didn’t serve “pigs.” The bagel shop quickly received criticism when the comment circulated on facebook.

The bagel store let the employee go, and said the cops were eventually served.


6. Hillary and Bill Clinton are planning on attending Trump’s inauguration.

The Clintons released a statement they were attending the ceremony yesterday.

Hillary Clinton had been lying low since the election. Sources say they are attending out of respect to the democratic process.

Former President George W. Bush announced shortly before them that he would be attending along with his wife Laura Bush. Before yesterday, only Former President Jimmy Carter had announced that he was attending the event.


7. This season of The Bachelor shows a contestant’s past same sex relationship.

This marks the first time the show has been open about having dated someone of the same sex.

Until then the show hadn’t been known for exploring LGBT issues.