Hey Girl Hey!
Yes!  I’m finally back biotches and with my favorite color trend of 2016!!! GREY, GRAY, GRAAHHHH is the “IT” neutral and it’s here to stay.
Ok soooo the movie 50 Shades Of Grey SUCKED…sorry, if you liked it then you were just really horny at the time…it’s terrible.  But that doesn’t mean that the color should get a bad rep.  It has quickly become my most favoritest neutral and quite frankly I am GRAY obsessed! Below are some things that I am craving beyond belief. Forget sex, these are my 50 shades of gray…

This light gray Chloe bag  is my complete OBSESSION!!! I literally stalk it online, pet it at department stores, and dream about it every night.  For reals I’m going to sell all my clothes just so I can buy it…yes people, I have a sickness.

One word…MINE. I literally can’t with this gray cape annndddd i just

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