1. It may only take exercising once a week to get many of the benefits of exercising.

A new study shows that exercising only once or twice a week, reduces your risk of dying from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other causes. There are some other types of cancer like mesothelioma, learn more about it here Mesothelioma Explained.

While the World Health Organization suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week and pilates buckhead, or 75 minutes or vigorous exercise, the study shows that just exercising once or twice a week makes a very positive impact on your health.

2. Turns out there’s a reason a snowfall can make the world feel peaceful and quiet.

Snow actually functions as nature’s very own soundproofing foam, you gotta give nature credit where it’s due. The snow itself barely makes sound as it lands, and a couple inches of snow is 60% absorbing on the audible range.

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3. A German lawmaker wants to include sex with prostitutes for elderly people as part of a health-care package.

A legislator in Germany’s Green Party says that doctors should be given the right to write free prescriptions for sex. Brothels in Germany, where prostitution is legal, had begun offering sex to people who suffer from dementia or are disabled.

In order to qualify for the free sexual care, patients will have to prove that they can not already get sexual satisfaction, and that they are unable to afford it.

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4. Plans are underway for a restaurant that will only focus on serving pickles.

“The Pickle Guys,” the team behind a Kosher Deli are now planning on opening a restaurant whose focus is entirely pickles.

The restaurant will apparently featured different types of pickles, including various types of fried pickles.

5. The Giants apparently trashed the airplane they took back this past Sunday after being knocked out of the playoffs by the Packers.

The plane they had taken was left so trashed, its next scheduled flight was supposedly delayed 2.5 hours due to the clean up efforts. Passengers waiting to board watched while service personnel take countless seat cushions off the plane during the delay.

Upon finally boarding the plane, passengers say the plane smelled like alcohol masked by cleaning supplies, with one passenger finding popcorn, chewing tobacco, and food crumbs on their seat.

The news the Giants were on the plane came from the Gate Agent, however the Giants are denying they trashed the planes, and a United spokesperson is unable to confirm if the Giants were on the flight.

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6. While some designers are avoiding dressing Melania Trump, some are apparently still very interested.

Jean Shafiroff did some informal polling and found out Zac Posen, B. Michael America, Victor de Souza and Zang Toi are among the designers who would love to dress the First Lady.

Whoever it turns out to be, the designer who dresses Melania Trump will get major press.

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7. Keurig will now have a machine that brews alcohol.

Keurig, the company originally famous as a coffee maker, has announced they will now be developing an alcoholic drink maker. They announced the product is still being researched and developed, and that they’re working with Anheuser-Busch to develop it.

Their press release stated they’ll be aiming to make drinks including beer, spirits, cocktails, and mixers.

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